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Steel Bands 4u

Steel Bands 4u is an online based entertainment agency that specialises in Steel Bands. Also commonly known as Steel Pan Bands, Steel Caribbean Bands and Steel Drum bands.

As we are based online so we take out many costs that the normal entertainment agency will have to cover. The result being, you save money on quality steel bands.

Today, the steel band is at the center of world music. The melodious tintinnabulation of sticks striking steel can be heard at many musical events around the world. The steel pan is used in soundtracks from major movies and world famous musical artists like 50 Cent and Jean Michel Jarre have used steel band music.

Steel bands play an important part in Carnival parades, wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events and private parties all over the world. There are also huge steel band festivals in countries as far apart as North Korea and Switzerland. The steel pan, the only instrument to have been invented in the 20th century, has captured the hearts of people everywhere and never ceases to set the perfect mood.

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Who invented the steel pan? How was it invented? No one is quite sure, but there are many different stories about who started the steel band, and how it started. But everyone agrees about where the steel band started. It was in Trinidad, in the Caribbean.

The steel band spread first through the Caribbean islands, where there are now a large number of steel bands, and then it spread around the world. In recognition of this global steel band musical phenomenon, the first World Steel Band Music Festival was organised in Trinidad in 2000. Steel band music is today used all over the world in education to bring better understanding and appreciation of music. It is also used as music therapy to benefit both adults and children.

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Latest Steel Band Performance - Friday 12th December 2014

Caribbean Steel put on a fantastic show in London for a wedding reception

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