How many calories have you burned today?

Health Insurance UK have made this cool thing that shows you how many calories you’ve burnt per exercise routine. Pretty cool.

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My battle with the gym

Just thought I’d voice my frustration with going to the gym. I’m really struggling. I’ve been like 2 times this month. How do you guys who go like every other night do it? It truly amazes me! I want to be fit and healthy and not a drain on the NHS like everyone is becoming because of obesity but I just don’t have the will power it seems! :-(

Staying healthy

Bonjour all,

Thought I would share my new fad of staying health. I got this cool plugin thing from Health insurance UK. I just pasted it in and now you guys can see how healthy different food is. cool hey!? I was really surprised by some of the calories in some foods. I really need to stop eating so much cheese, its really not good for my health….but it sooooo goooood haha.

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Trip to america

yahoo!!! just wanted to share my thoughts with this huge strange internet thing about my trip to america. So I’ve just booked a flight to LA and I’m going to see some people I know very well over there. Not really sure what we’ll be going, hopefully not too much drinking. I’m getting old now ha!  my body cant take that kinda of uni damage any more. There’s lots of things I like about america, but it does seem to be a land of both very rich and very poor. There doesn’t really seem to be anyone in between those two types of people there. You’re either well off and can afford health insurance and a nice pad or you’re poor and have to just hope you don’t get ill or beat up while sleeping rough. Kinda sad really but that’s how they like it I guess. They see the UK as a nanny state, which I can agree with to some extent but I just really don’t like their ideology of every man for himself. Try getting some like the NHS going over there of everyone paying in for a common good and you’ll get laughed out of town! I have to admit I do like the cars though, last time I went….MAN…there were some nice cars. From Italian to massive muscle they had it all in LA. I’d love you know what they all do, probably making a ton of money off their health care system ha! Health care is a silly price over there! Hopefully we’ll also check out some bars, hopefully some dive bars I love those places and listen to some good music. Ha wonder if they’ve got any steel bands over there. Probably not :-( but I’ll settle for some good jazz music. Love jazz and the blues. Anyways thanks for listening to me rank on about my trip, i’ll keep anyone reading this updated.

Hello world!

Well here we are, my new blog. Thought I’d share my thoughts with the world now I’ve got all my domain and hosting set up! WOW that was a hassle! So this b,og shall be mostly about music and the occasional rant about my life including my kids and my boring 9-5 health insurance job I’ve kinda just fallen into. 😉